National Environmental Equipment sell and service high-quality specialist infrastructure maintenance and service equipment for:

  • Cleaning all types of stormwater, sewer systems, tanks and structures with limited access
  • Hydro excavation or non-destructive digging
  • Vacuum excavation and loading of wet and dry materials
  • High-pressure surface cleaning of pedestrian areas, spillage areas, or large yards or complexes

As part of maintaining a technologically advanced fleet of vehicles, we have two in-house mechanics who will look after all mechanical, hydraulics, power generation and engine servicing requirements of your vehicle. Furthermore, we have a close working relationship with Scania.

We are the only authorised Kaiser service centre in Australia. In addition, we have the only factory-trained Kaiser technician in Australasia to maintain the Kaiser Combination Water Recycling units and other Kaiser products. Our technician has been trained to work on all aspects of Kaiser equipment, which include:

  • Kaiser’s signature high pressure transformer pumps that drive their success
  • Water ring pumps that create the high vacuum capabilities for which Kaiser is renowned
  • Kaiser’s patented water recycling and waste removal system.

For more information about all of your service and maintenance needs, contact us today.