As Kaiser’s Australian Service Partner, we want you to also experience the benefits that Kaiser equipment can bring to your business through their use of:

  • Innovative technical solutions
  • High quality engineering
  • High performance
  • Efficiency
  • Long-term cost effectiveness
  • Green credentials

More information about each vehicle can be found below.


Kaiser AquaStar combination water recycler provides top performance for versatile deployment and flexible applications.

AquaStar Titel

The Kaiser AquaStar is one of the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly combination water-recycling units in its class. Using can-bus control systems and fully hydraulic driven, it has the capacity for jetting, vacuuming, hydro excavation and combination pipe cleaning.

It is the highest-quality vehicle for municipal infrastructure cleaning and waste removal – a true all-in-one vehicle. Built on the Scania two to five-axel chassis, the Kaiser AquaStar meets Euro5 emissions standards and has better fuel economy and operator comfort than its competitors.

Remote operation

Using the radio remote control unit, operators have full control of operations even at distance away from the truck. They can control all functions such as:

  • Suction boom and jetting boom
  • Variable hose reel and winch
  • Vacuum and high-pressure water pump, including pressure adjustment
  • Tank cover, lock ring and tipping function
  • Start/stop and speed for diesel engine.

Greater operating comfort

The information display with integrated analysis system gives the operator qualified feedback on current performance parameters. Data such as jetting hose metre counter, vehicle weight and component status are transmitted directly to the radio remote control and presented in graphical form on the display. The display and control of the water pressure at the jetting nozzle also makes stormwater and sewer cleaning considerably easier.

The display unit can show operators:

  • Pressure monitoring for vacuum and high-pressure pump
  • Water volume and water pressure at the jetting nozzle
  • Jetting hose metre counter with totalling function
  • Operating status and operating hours of main components
  • Diesel engine speed and consumption
  • Axle load for chassis with air suspension.

Efficient performance

The Kaiser AquaStar offers a perfect combination of performance and versatility. The KDU high-pressure pump delivers water at a rate of 320 to 500 litres per minute (with a double KDU up to 800 litres) and water pressure of up to 200 bar. The large-size hose reel can accommodate a 300 m setting hose.

On the Kaiser vacuum pump, the maximum air throughput is 4000 m3/h (with a double KWP up to 6200 m3/h). Due to the selection of various suction booms, the vehicle can be optimally adapted to the respective implementation requirements.


  • With Rotomax, our patented water recycling system, AquaStar represents a benchmark for the industry in the high-performance recycling sector.
  • With a folding mid tank partition, the vehicle can vacuum up and dispose of two different media.
  • A dry vacuum device permits the pick-up of dry material while streets can be cleaned with high-pressure water from wash booms.

Outstanding economy

The consumption-optimised hydraulic system reduces fuel consumption by adapting the suction power in accordance with the vacuum rate. In the recycling mode, the water flow rate is also automatically adapted to the available water supply. Cleaning quality is enhanced by the constant jetting hose drive with speed control. Additional interfaces make it possible to link up with recording and information systems for the planning and organisation of stormwater and sewer maintenance.

For more information about this high-performance combination water-cycling unit, contact NATEE today.

Alternatively download the AquaStar brochure.


Kaiser EcoCombi for high performance water recycling. Reliable in the toughest conditions.


Benchmark for water recycling
The EcoCombi impresses with its formidable performance data and ease of handling. The concept, specially geared to water recycling, turns the EcoCombi into a high-performance recycler with a proven record in the toughest conditions. Kaiser sets the global benchmark for stormwater and sewer cleaning with water recycling.

KDU, KWP and Rotomax form the powerful core elements of the vehicle. The maximum flushing rate amounts to 400 litres per minute, and maximum water pressure up to 200 bar. The vacuum pump delivers a maximum air throughput of 2400 m3/h.

User-friendly operation assures safe handling and guarantees brief familiarisation periods.

Additional options, beside the main focus of water recycling, assure versatile deployment.

For more information about this high-performance combination water-cycling unit, contact NATEE today.

Alternatively download the EcoCombi brochure.


Kaiser Twister – a compact vacuum vehicle with a modular design concept


Need a smaller vacuum vehicle with serious capabilities? The Twister can be configured to meet your needs.
The Twister is based on a modular design concept. Two basic types form the basis for a vehicle version for standard suction applications or an extended deployment range.

Standard TWISTER

Various vacuum pump rates up to 3100 m3/h can be selected. By mounting a high-pressure water pump up to 50 litres and 100 bar smaller scale flushing and cleaning jobs can be performed.


The control system offers a whole gamut of options such as folding partitions for various suction hoses, as well as a radio remote control for all work functions. Furthermore, a high-performance KDU high-pressure pump up to 150 litres and 170 bar, as well as various hose reel versions, can be added.

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